beginner violin lessons

Beginning & Intermediate Students

I start with the basics – how to hold the violin and bow, focusing on good posture and the development of ease and unity with your instrument. I incorporate scales, arpeggios, classical pieces and original exercises tailored to each student’s taste. I recommend that parents sit in on beginning lessons to observe and understand what […]

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advanced violin lessons

Advanced Students

My work with advanced students is geared toward helping each individual learn to practice efficiently, establish proper technique, and to get in touch with their creativity. Students study 3 octave scales and arpeggios, etude books (Kreutzer, Fiorillo, etc.), orchestral repertoire, solo Bach, and concertos. I encourage all of my advanced students to improvise, which I […]

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composition music lessons


Composition lessons are open to all instrumentalists and singers that have a basic knowledge of their instrument. I offer a variety of styles within composition including classical, jazz, and song writing. Lessons consist of basic theory, ear training, orchestration, study of famous compositions, and composition/improvisation techniques. Song writing students learn basic piano or guitar skills and […]

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improvisational music lessons


Improvisation lessons are open to all instrumentalists. No prior improvisation experience is necessary, but a basic knowledge of one’s instrument is required. I begin with pentatonic scales, modes, and basic chords – using ear training and listening assignments to develop skill and style. Students will be encouraged to transcribe jazz solos, play free improvisations, and […]

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Adult Lessons

I love working with adults! A person’s life experiences shape who they are, and music is a big part of that. It is a tremendous joy to witness someone come to life while learning to play the violin. Because I incorporate all genres of music in my teaching, my students are able to explore many […]

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